Friday, October 21, 2011


Now that I'm back blogging again, I was reviewing some of my posts from last year. They are all brilliant but the stand out ones are from last summer in which I published my teenage poetry. I note that most of my poems started life as songs but lack of talent and musical ability forced me down the poetry route..

In recent months I've picked up the old axe again, and, insiped by Brian wilson's smile album and Springsteen's completion of songs from the darkness era, I have slowly started working on these songs again. How can this be you ask? How can a person like me get back into that mindset again and complete my songs? The mindset of a friendless, chubbly little loser, who can't attract ladies or garner any respect from adults or the community at large. Who can't drive and has no money. Who spends way too much time filling his mind with pointless music, tv and movie facts. It's a challenge.

I may never complete them. I may complete them but feel they shouldn't be heard and I may just complete them and place them on this blog.

Exciting times blog fans. Exciting times.

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