Friday, May 14, 2010


I can’t take it any longer. After another sleepless night pondering my future and the economy I have come to realise that my only hope is to re-launch this blog as a scathing critic of the current Fianna Fáil government and the Brian Cowen regime. If there is one thing this country needs it’s another person with half baked, ill conceived, uniformed views on the current economic climate. That person is me.


What makes this blog different?

1) My razor sharp wit. Eg I will only refer to the The Fianna Fáil party as The Fianna Fail party BAAZING
2) Abbreviations Eg The current economic climate will be the cec
3) A love of foreigners. No fucking way am I cleaning toilets, let them all in.
4) It’s called Polablogging. I’ve invented my own verb!

How often will the blog be updated?

Every day until we get Brian COWman out of power

Will if feature satirical cartoons like the ones in the Irish times I don’t really understand?


What are my own political views?

I am young, fit,healthy and have loads of everything and no worries. I enjoy the latest technology, new clothes and fine foods. I am a massive consumer of retail goods from large corporations. I love Coke, Google and Microsoft and give little or nothing to people less well of than me, so obviously I’m a socialist.

Is this new style of blog just a poor attempt to satirise satire?



  1. My only problem is that i can't figure out how to pronounce "polablogging" or work out how it connects to the political theme, so it makes me feel kind of stupid. Like real satire. So, its working!

  2. Right, after i wrote that and saw political written beside polablogging, i'm guessing it means political-blogging. My joke about my own stupidity exposed my actual stupidity. i think thats irony.

  3. Its a juxtaposition of the words politics and blogging. If one is blogging about politics then they are polablogging. Its my attempt at some day today brasseye style comedy. I have shoehorned two words that dont belong together together to make it extra dramatic.