Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cheap lazy Nostalgia

Remember how when you were young, and had a really nice lunch to bring to school,maybe cheese on your sandwiches or a couple of biscuits, you could not wait until lunch time to come so you could tuck in? You would eat the biscuits on the bus on the way to school. Or how you did swimming lessons in kells just because Mammy made turkey and ham rolls to eat afterwards? But you would eat the ham out of them on the way. It doesn't actually stop as you get older. I ate my lunch at 11 o'clock today. Was late to work as I had to sign on the dole this morning, but called into skellys on the way in to get a sandwich for lunch. Chicken stuffing. So I arrived into work at 10:45. As I was in I was asked to cover the phones so the rest of the office could take a tea break. They left. I was here on my own. With a chicken stuffing sandwich and a can of Pepsi max. No way was it going to last until lunch time.

I probably should have eaten breakfast.

It was nice though. Going to get another at one at lunchtime

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  1. brings back the memories alrite. i like sandwiches